I Totally Have a Press Relase.

June 4, 2009

June 1, 2009 – Columbus, OH – The nominees for this year’s Ohio Valley Regional Emmy Awards were announced on June 1 and Art Institute of Pittsburgh graduate Christopher Mead was among those honored. Mead, a 2005 media arts and animation graduate and current MediaSource employee, was nominated for in the public service announcement category for his work with the Phoenix Theatre for Children, in the commercial category for his work with the The Columbus Dispatch and in the graphic arts category for a motion graphics composite reel. These are Mead’s first Emmy nominations. Recipients of the 45th Annual Ohio Valley Regional Emmy Awards will be announced on July 25 during a ceremony at the Marriott Griffin Gate Resort in Lexington, KY.

For more information on Mead’s work and recent nominations, please contact Patrick Sullivan at 614-932-9950 or psullivan@mediasourceTV.com.
For more information on the Emmy Awards, visit http://www.ohiovalleyemmy.org.

Thanks Patrick for writing me a press release.



Emmy Nomminated Christopher MeaD!

June 1, 2009

I have just gotten nomminated for 3 Emmy Awards.


1st Emmy Nomination

The Phoenix Theatre for Children TV, MediaSource
Scott Baldner, Rick Green, Christopher Mead, Matt Schimmoeller


2st Emmy Nomination

Columbus Dispatch TV Campaign, MediaSource
Scott Baldner, Rick Green, Christopher Mead


3st Emmy Nomination

Motion Graphics Composite, MediaSource
Christopher Mead


I got nominatated 3 out of 4 entries pretty good i think. Now lets see if I win one.

MouseHunt Category

May 30, 2009

So I needed a place to up these renders and different views of my mousehunt traps so I decided to just throw it up on my blog. So I’m just adding a new Category MouseHunt. Just a FYI post.


High Tension Spring

May 30, 2009

So here is the mouse Trap. All i did is study this picture and created it in 3D. This is not nor any of my traps 100% accurate. I use my eye and I also fill in the gaps of how i think it would work and would look from the angles you don’t see from the picture. So i hope you like it and enjoy my renders.

Here are some still renders of the High Tension Spring Trap.


My Hidden Addiction.

May 29, 2009

MouseHunt. yeah you probabliy never heard of it. but its the most addiciting game i have ever played.  Sometimes games don’t have to have the sweetest graphics to be a awesome game. cause quite honestly this game has no graphics there is really nice renderings of mice and traps and thats it. MouseHunt is a facebook game. the best way i can describe it is to just copy and paste how they discribe it.

MouseHunt is a passive game that is meant as something fun to check every 15 minutes while surfing the web, browsing profiles or doing some work. MouseHunt is not a ’sit and watch‘ type of game, but rather a ’come back and check your progress later‘ game.
The game works just like a real life trap: Set up your trap, bait your trap, check back later!
Its pretty great the start out is really boring you catching little white mice and brown mice. But after a few weeks it starts to get good and you start catching Pirate Mice. yeah Pirate Mice. then you get better traps and better cheese and start traveling to different places and you catch crazy awesome mice. here are a few. of my favorites
– Zombie Mice –
– Golem Mice –
– Ninja Mice –
– Bionic Mice –
– Lycan Mice –
yeah thats just some of the few awesome ones. but its super addicting if you OCD this is not a game for you. cause you will be up all night waiting ever 15min. But I have started to model these crazy traps. When i have down time at home. Mostly cause they are a challenge trying to model something that you only have one picture of at a 3/4 angle shot. Its hard. Really Hard sometimes. So anyway i started to model these things and posted on the forums to show people. Then something happened I never thought would happen. Everyone Blew up my Post. I mean i got like 5 pages of responses saying how much they loved it. Even the guy that drew the image i am modeling said he really liked it. It was pretty sweet but this is my latest game. I really recommend you adding this game to your facebook if you have one. you only have to check your trap once a day.
the link to the game

Happy Blogg’n Birthday!!!

May 21, 2009

It’s My Blog’s Birthday Just want to put up a Happy Birthday Post!!!

IT’S A MeaD!!!!

April 28, 2009

Noah James MeaD

My son born on April 2nd 2009 10:20pm weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces measuring 20 inches long. Yes its a boy. I have a son right now he is a little over 2 weeks old now.

so a little about his birth. ill keep it short.

So Christina started having early labor pains that Tuesday we took her to the hospital. Her contractions were to erratic so they released us to go home. then that Thursday morning she stayed home from work she didn’t feel too good. She made me go to work cause she didn’t think the baby was coming yet. I wanted to stay home but she was forcing me to go so i went. then middle of the day she calls me saying the contractions are 3 min apart. i was like crap instead of me going up there to get her grandmother goes up and gets her and i meet her at the hospital. So the baby was coming we went up they admitted her. She was in so much pain they gave her some morphine and that knocked her out so she slept for a bit then the contractions got worse. So she decided to get the epidural. after that smooth sailing hours later she had a boy. the labor was smooth no complication the nurses bragged about how easy it was for them and Christina for a first child it was unheard of having a labor that easy.

After he was born that boy of mine was so wide eyed and looking at everything. they say that a baby will be alert for about an hour and then go into a deep sleep cause of all of the excitment and stuff he just went thru. NOT TRUE WITH NOAH. he was born at 10:20pm and he didn’t go to sleep till 3:30am. He was so alert and bright eyed he didn’t want to miss a thing. everything else has been a rollercoaster ride at least for me since i have never been around a baby. we had lots of guests in the hospital it was nice there a few nurses got on our bad side. The kind of RN’s that were there to do there job you know what i mean? then there were other ones that really loved there job and were really good at there job because of it.

Well I am super tired and haven’t had a lot of time to write on here this actually took me a week to write little bit at a time. I will write another post soo telling all the things that have happened and how he is doing.

the best words to descibe everything so far.